Image description: Carly stands smiling holding a black notebook, wearing a purple shirt, vest and tie.

I am passionate about equal rights for LGBTQIA+ people in places of worship, schools, jobs, and marriage. I am committed to using the correct names and pronouns for everyone both in the text of the ceremony and outside of it. I’m excited to work with each individual and couple to create affirming and inclusive language, whether that is taking more traditional scripts and tweaking them to fit your identity, or coming up with something altogether new. The gender and sexuality spectrum is beautiful in its diversity and I’m proud to work with any person no matter their identity.

I have experience reading Jewish and Christian sacred texts through a queer, feminist lens through classes I have taken at Duke Divinity School. I am happy to apply what I have learned to whatever religious traditions are meaningful to you. To further my education and better serve my diverse clients I have also completed Equality Institute’s LGBT+ Wedding Course.

Carly, Amanda, and Colleen standing in front of a field, Amanda and Colleen are holding a sign that says “we eloped”
Carly, Brook, and Caitlin stand in front of a barn. Karen Doody Photography
Mark, Carly, and Keith

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