How I Got into Officiating Weddings

Hi Everyone!

People often ask how I decided to become a wedding officiant. I had just graduated from Duke Divinity School in 2018 and was trying to figure out how to use my degree. I had initially planned to continue my education and get a doctorate, but I was burned out by the competitive and isolating academic environment. I had recently been in my brother’s wedding party, and it was a beautiful, lovely day with him and his bride, and our family and friends. I had such a wonderful time.

I reflected on how most of my friends are non-religious or not in any mainstream religion, and I saw a need for someone to perform wedding ceremonies tailored to people’s unique spirituality (or lack thereof). I’m also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and know that many of us have an extremely difficult time finding religious groups that are truly accepting of every aspect of ourselves. I knew I could be an officiant that made people feel comfortable no matter their identities. I am also a big geek/nerd and always wanted to be a part of creative, themed, fantasy and sci-fi weddings that went viral…

Read the rest of my story by clicking here to see my intro blog post at Elope NC!

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