Carly was amazing to work with! She was so sweet and professional! We planned our wedding from out of state and Carly made it such an easy process. I highly recommend her for your special day!

-Tori and Alex

Carly, Tori, and Alex

Carly was wonderful. After a weird snafu that left us without an officiant only a couple weeks before the wedding, Carly agreed to help us out. They were very understanding and charming to work with. We definitely recommend reaching out to Carly for your weddings 🙂 they were absolutely lovely.

-Christian and Brittany

Carly, Brittany, and Christian

Carly was awesome. She officiated our wedding this past weekend and was so professional and made everything so personable. She checked on us several times through this process and even though we were not quick to respond, she would respond with just checking on you guys. She made our wonderful and amazing day even more special and we totally thank you for it. Definitely recommended for you ceremony.

-Mark and Keith

Keith, Carly, and Mark

Carly truly helped make our day incredibly special! She was prompt and responsive during the preparation phases, and even stayed up late the night before our wedding and emailed with us back and forth because my fiancé and I decided we wanted to add a unity celebration to the ceremony last minute. The best part about Carly was how genuine, caring, and personable she is. Highly recommend her!!

-Stefanie and Cas

Stefanie, Carly, and Cas standing and smiling

Carly was the best officiant we could have asked for! My wife and I had to postpone our original wedding date due to the COVID pandemic, so we decided to go ahead and do a small local elopement, and have the big wedding celebration later on. We wanted to have the ceremony someplace a little more special than the courthouse, so we decided to find an officiant and do it at a local park. When we found Magical Weddings by Carly we knew we would be a perfect match! Carly was LGBTQIA+ friendly and a nerd/geek enthusiast like us! Carly was more than willing to help make the ceremony tailored to us. Carly helped us incorporate a hand-fasting, and was more than willing to help our nerd shine and integrate LOTR and Doctor Who references into the ceremony. Thank you so much Carly for making our elopement so magical!!

-Rikki and Liz

Carly handfasting Liz and Rikki. Photo credit: Kivus and Camera

Carly is a fantastic officiant! My husband and I instantly fell in love with her bubbly personality, extensive knowledge, and eagerness to please. When our initial plans were derailed due to Covid-19, Carly was able to accommodate our new plans and make our wedding absolutely magical. She also gets bonus points for having a love of all things nerdy and helping us with non-traditional vows that included quotes from our favorite movies!

-Jennifer and Matt

Carly, Jennifer, and Matt in a beautiful backyard decorated for the wedding.

Carly was wonderful! She was incredibly easy to work with and able to handle our tight deadline. She’s friendly, easy to talk to and I’d absolutely recommend her, especially if you’re looking for a ceremony that’s lighthearted and fun.

-Kaitlyn and Nick

Carly, Kaitlyn, and Nick

I was very pleased!!!! Carly fulfilled all our needs. She responded immediately when I had questions, she suggested things I had not thought of and most of all she was so uplifting and positive. I felt like I knew her. We did a small elopement due to our jobs overseas and had little time but, later we are going to have a large ceremony and we want her to be the officiant for that as well. Thank you, Carly for EVERYTHING!!!!!!

-Tiffany and Melina

Tiffany, Carly, and Melinda

We were married by an incredible officiant, Carly. They made us feel so at ease and comfortable the whole time, plus they were super sweet and kind to us during the entire process. I highly recommend them!

-Alena and Cora

Carly, Alena, and Cora

Carly is awesome! She is very nice and easygoing. So, at the wedding, it felt like we had a good friend there rather than “just somebody qualified to be the officiant”. Also, she was very helpful throughout the process. At the beginning, she FaceTime’d to get to know us better (since we live in the DC area), and to give us an idea of what the process could look like. After we told her that we wanted to write as much of our own ceremony as possible, she gave us some examples to help get things started, and offered to provide more if we wanted them. While we were doing our part, she kept (the right amount) of tabs on us to make sure things were progressing as they needed to. Then, when we stalled out after writing ~75% of the ceremony and asked for her help, she awesomely filled in the rest in keeping with our style. Finally, after the ceremony, she handled the license properly. Her fee system is also very reasonable. So, in summary, Carly is very awesome and professional and we would highly recommend her!

-Lindsay and Matt

Image description: Lindsay, Carly, and Matt standing outside smiling
Photo credit: Kivus and Camera

Carly was a pleasure to work with. She was able to accommodate all of our requests and work with our family.
I would highly recommend her.

-Jennifer and Holly

Image description: Holly, Jennifer, and Carly standing in front of a barn
Photo credit: Anna Auston Photography

Carly was so great to work with! She was so patient and helpful during all of our conversations. We weren’t entirely sure what we wanted for our ceremony but Carly gave some great suggestions and sent us examples to look over to make our decision. She kept our ceremony lighthearted and fun, just like we wanted!

-Tabitha and Ben

Image description: Tabitha, Carly, and Ben standing and smiling

As sci-fi and video game nerds, Carly was the PERFECT officiant for our wedding! I would recommend Carly regardless because it was apparent from our first appointment that she has a genuine interest in who we are as a couple and how the ceremony would reflect “us”. We really enjoyed working with her and can’t thank her enough for her part in making our wedding day so special! -Amy & Chris

Carly married my husband and I yesterday and I just had to come on here today to say what a pleasure it was having her perform our ceremony. It was easy, flawless and beautiful. Carly has a beautiful voice that was calming and very pleasant. She has a wonderful energy about her and she came to our small intimate wedding prepared and ready to take direction and go with the flow as we decided on a different location then we originally planned. Thank you Carly for driving all that way to marry us. It was all we hoped for and more. -Christine & Jeffery

Image description: Christine and Jeffery raise their hands in celebration walking down the aisle while guests applaud. Mountains are in the background. Photo credit: Avonne Photography

Carly was an amazing officiant! She worked with us to create the perfect ceremony that was special for the two of us, gave us so many great resources and ideas, and allowed us to take the time to make it perfect! The day could not have gone any better and our families loved getting to know Carly and how personal the whole ceremony felt. We would highly recommend having Carly officiate your special day! -Ashley & Arthur

Image Description: Ashley, Arthur, and Carly stand in front of guests against a beautiful white curtain backdrop with white circular lights hanging from the ceiling and candles lining the aisle. Photo credit: Ariel Kaitlin Photography

We are so happy that Carly officiated our wedding! She was wonderful during the entire process from writing the ceremony through our wedding day. She was always willing to answer questions and help us. We picked out pieces of vows, candle-lighting and handfasting ceremonies, etc. and Carly put it together into a beautiful, coherent ceremony script. My spouse and I aren’t writers so we did not try to write our vows ourselves; what Carly put together captured exactly what we wanted to say and sounded lovely. There were many compliments on the ceremony afterword, with multiple guests saying they loved the vows in particular. We both highly recommend Carly: as a person, she is thoughtful, caring, and very kind, and she did a fantastic job writing the ceremony and officiating.
-Jaree & Rade

Image description: Jaree, Carly, and Rade standing together smiling

Carly was great and the perfect wedding officiant for us! We decided to be married in Duke Forest with close family and our dogs, and Carly made sure everything went smoothly and delivered a wonderful experience from start to finish. She was very responsive, flexible, understanding and helpful from the first time we reached out to her. Carly provided great ideas of how to personalize our ceremony and food for thought as we planned our special day. We highly recommend her for a wonderful and organic experience. As her business name suggests, she really did make our wedding magical!
-Mike N.

Image Description: Wendy, Mike, Carly, and pup stand in Duke Forest

Carly was absolutely amazing to work with. We planned a very short notice wedding on a holiday of all things. Carly was able to meet very quickly, help us determine how to incorporate what was important to us and drive over 2 hours away to perform the service. She is a wonderful soul to work with and can make your dream service come true.

-Kami K.

Image description: Carly, Kami, and Nicole stand together under twinkling lights.

Carly was beyond amazing —made the day so special despite such short notice (day before!) arrived to grooms family home and jumped right into the festivities and added to a feeling of love and warmth. So thankful for her contribution and role in helping create such a special moment that will be always remembered.

-Taylor & Sarah

Sarah, Carly, and Taylor standing together smiling

Minister Miller is one of the most kindest people I’ve ever met. She provided me with a full script and layout of my entire ceremony. Her voice was beautiful and she flowed naturally making for a flawless ceremony. Me and my husband decided on a Unity Candle Lighting with our mothers and then a Blending of Sands with our children making our Ceremony a little different but again each part flowed perfect with Minister Miller guidance. I hope to call upon her for my vow renewal in 10 years ! We are so pleased and happy with everything she did for our special day!
-Felicia P.

Image Description: Felicia, Carly, and Decore stand together smiling

She was very helpful all the time, even though we contacted her a couple weeks before our wedding. She is very flexible with the meeting times. I recommend her!
-Yadany R.

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