About me

Image Description: Carly in Hufflepuff robes holding poodle Luna in Ravenclaw robes

I grew up on the Outer Banks and have lived in the Triangle the past 10 years. I graduated from Duke Divinity School with my Master of Theological Studies. I love learning about all religious/spiritual practices and why they’re meaningful to people. My undergrad degree was in Biology, so I also love seeing the beauty in science, plants, and animals. I also love meeting new people and hearing their love stories and what they value and nerd out about. I’m a volunteer Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line, so I have lots of experience with being cool and calm during a crisis. I also am a part time dog walker and would be more than happy to include dogs of any age and breed in your wedding. I have a three year old toy poodle named Luna, and she shows me what love is more than anything else.


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