About me

Image Description: Carly in Hufflepuff robes holding poodle Luna in Ravenclaw robes

I grew up on the Outer Banks and have lived in the Triangle the past 11 years. I graduated from Duke Divinity School with my Master of Theological Studies. I love learning about all religious/spiritual practices and why they’re meaningful to people. My undergrad degree was in Biology, so I also love seeing the beauty in science, plants, and animals. I also love meeting new people and hearing their love stories and what they value and nerd out about. I also am a part time dog walker and would be more than happy to include dogs of any age and breed in your wedding. I have a three year old toy poodle named Luna, and she shows me what love is more than anything else.

I am personally very passionate about Harry Potter, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Hamilton, just to name a few fandoms. I have attended countless east coast comicons, including local ones in Durham and Raleigh. I am always happy to learn about new fandoms and am willing to incorporate whatever you love into your wedding whether it’s the whole theme or subtle touches. I love dressing up in cosplay and would be happy to do so for your wedding.

I have always been engrossed in the magic of not only Harry Potter spells and tricks, but the greater magic of friendship and love both in the books and in our world. This has led me to want to become a minister so I can create magical moments of everyday love and friendship being celebrated between two people. I want to do that in whatever way is meaningful to the couple, whether religious, spiritual, secular, geeky, nerdy, gender/sexuality non-conforming, or some combination of those things.


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